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  • Have a look at the free poetry session I filmed with Jacob. We played rhyming and word association games to get us in the mood and went on to spontaneously make up some poems, which were sometimes silly, but always creative! Find it on the Poetry Page
  • My Absolute favourite page so far... FIND YOUR OWN MOUNTAIN
  • An interview with the inspirational Sibusiso Vilane - the first black African to climb Mount Everest...TWICE! - coming from apartheid and extreme poverty. he now inspires others to lead A LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS! There are follow-up activities to help your pupils find their own unique strengths, talents and passions.


Habitats and Lifecycles

Why not try and build your own bug hotel? Watch the video and use the follow up resources to track the bugs in your garden. (KS1 & 2)


Learn about the River Dour - a rare chalk stream that runs through the heart of Dover.
Links to Science and some great research and writing opportunities. (KS1 & 2)

Music and Writing

Download the PDF on Mood Painting to Music - inspire your pupils to use their imagination to create a story painting or plan. (KS1 & 2)


Build your own weather station and become a weather reporter (KS2)
Perform a dance to learn about the water cycle (KS1)

Woodland Trees & Plants

Why not come on a virtual tour of the woodland with me to learn how seasonal changes affect the landscape - 'A Woodland Walk in Winter.'

Photos & Photo Prompts

Stones with a hole all the way through were thought to be lucky in ancient times. Talk to your pupils about their lucky charms - perhaps they could find a similar stone on a family day out?

KS2 Story Writing Units

Unit 1 encourages pupils to think about story genre before they plan...


Check out the page on 'Birds' to se how you can conduct your own school or garden birdwatch.

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