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  • Watch the videos to see the types of resources that you can expect to find when you subscribe to the RESOURCE BANK...
  • The resources are designed to be fun, hands-on, cross-curricular and above all...CREATIVE!
  • There are photos, videos, craft ideas, and whole topics such as Weather, Habitats and Lifecycles, Wonderful Water and many more...
  • My particular favourite is the section dedicated to Mindfulness Writing - a wonderful way to promote creativity, emotional wellbeing, reflection and self-awareness.
  • There are suggestions for ways in which you can use the resources but of course you may well have creative ideas of your own!


  • Once you join, you can make requests for SPECIFIC resources! - I am always keen to add new resources and I would love to be able to tailor them to suit your needs so, if you are looking for the perfect idea for a topic or objective, then send me a message (via the contact form or DM on FB @writesmarteducation) and I will do my very best to add it to the bank!
  • You can also share your triumphs with other educators and get tips and advice.
  • There will also be FREE access to zoom training and guest speakers from the writing, education and environmental worlds on the Webinars page - all this is included in your monthly subscription!

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FREE Woodland Topic Planning Tool

Click the link to access this free Woodland Topic Plan which will show you how to build an exciting and engaging topic, how to include different subject areas, and how to make cross-curricular links for deep learning.


Take a brief look at some of the exciting resources available to you when you subscribe! There are hundreds to choose from and new resources are added weekly.

Pages so far...

Beside the Seaside, Birds, Early Years & KS1, Famous Authors, KS1 & KS2 Resources, KS2 Story Writing Project, Mindfulness Writing, Minibeasts - Habitats & Lifecycles, Music & Writing, Photos, Poetry, Rivers, Seasonal, UK Wildlife, Weather, What's New, Wonderful Water...

For an in-depth tour watch the 'behind the scenes' video...

River Run-off

This video supports the 'Rivers' topic. It shows an example of river run-off followed by some extension activities and writing opportunities to learn about the impacts of water movement over time such as; gorges and canyons.


Mindfulness Writing

Mindfulness through writing, is a fabulous way to promote emotional wellbeing and as a means of self expression and self exploration. It can boost creativity and improve confidence. On this page there are a whole host of ideas for mindfulness writing.


This very simple activity asks children to describe a colour without naming it by thinking about what it represents and examples they might find in nature and their daily lives.


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