WriteSmart - The Creative Learning Podcast

WriteSmart - The Creative Learning Podcast

My weekly podcast welcomes weekly guests from the teaching and literary worlds. The episodes are also streamed live on Facebook on the @writesmarteducation page, so you can enjoy them visually too.

I have had some great guests on the podcast from children's authors, to parent coaches, to expert educators and we discuss a whole range of topics regarding creativity, inclusion and experiential learning.

There are often some great tips and advice to be gleaned from our contributors.

I am always looking for new guests as I love hearing about different points of view from different sectors of the education world. If you are a teacher, educator or author, or maybe you are a parent or home educator who has had to employ different creative teaching and learning methods, then I'd love the chance to chat with you.

Send me a message at info@writesmarteducation.co.uk and we can make a date!

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Clare Ford - Expert Educator

Clare Ford talks candidly about her own mental health and what led her to leave mainstream teaching, a job that she loved and felt she was born to do. We talk about the power of knowing the learners in your class and how creativity doesn't have to be difficult, expensive or perfect!

There is a little impromptu disturbance when my dog walker arrives to collect my pampered pooch but then life isn't always perfect either!

Krysty - Parent Coach

Krysty is a parenting coach from the USA, although originally from Haiti, she has travelled extensively with her work.

She discusses her views on creativity and helping the children in her care to achieve their full potential working in partnership with parents and carers.

Sibusiso Vilane

I am in awe of this lovely man, he is a total inspiration. The first black African to climb Everest coming from a life of poverty and Apartheid, he truly believes that we can all lead a life without limits if we follow our natural strengths and passions. This is one of several interviews with Sibu on the podcast.

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