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  • There are lots of short videos that can be used for story starters or discussion, and many with a strong environmental theme.
  • There are whole units on story writing, descriptive and character writing, as well as links to resources around which you can build a whole term's topic!
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Creative Writing Workshops

Host a creative writing workshop in your school, after school club or youth group.
Our creative writing workshops are fun, interactive and can be tailored to match your Key Stage, topic or learning needs.
Whole Day or Separate Sessions...
I organise activities using science, art, music and drama (to name but a few) to really inspire ideas for writing...

Inset & Staff Training

Motivational and interactive INSET sessions to inspire creativity and provide lots of great writing prompts and ideas.
Get support with planning and schemes of work that support cross-curricular teaching to really embed great writing throughout your subjects.

Nature & Wellbeing

At WriteSmart, I believe that nature and the environment are key to our emotional wellbeing.
I often use nature to inspire writing and to connect with the environment.
Strong links to PSHE and SMSC.
Use your school site or meet at an outdoor location nearby...


Due to the unprecedented demands of the pandemic, I am able to offer workshops or training via zoom. These work best with smaller groups of up to 15; although larger groups could be accommodated.
If you would like to host a nature or wellbeing workshop then I can run them from an appropriate social distance. They could be run in your school grounds or at a suitable open space nearby. I would not need to enter your school building.

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